Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Isn't there a better word...

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I just got through with an ARD (Admission, Review and Dismissal) meeting at Z-man's school.  He is being admitted to a resource program for a learning disability.  Isn't there a better word than disability.  Maybe deficiency is a better word.  They just kept calling him disabled and I really didn't like that, he is not disabled, I know I sound like a snob or something to that affect but...

According to Thesaurus.com

Main Entry:disability
Part of Speech:noun
Definition:disadvantage, restriction
Synonyms:afflictionailmentdefectdetriment,disqualification, drawback,
 impairment, inability,incapacity, incompetency, inexperience,
 infirmity,injuryinvalidity, lackunfitness, weakness
Notes:debility  is the state of being weak in health orbody; disability 
 is the condition of being unableto perform as a consequence of
 physical ormental unfitness; inability  is lack of mentalability 
or physical ability to do something

See there are lots of better words in there, impairment being a much better one, weakness is another one.  Disability just seems so negative and not something you can overcome and to me it seems like the education system would find a more enlightening word to instill some self-confidence in children with learning problems.  So what are your thoughts?

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Jen said...

I find the term "exceptional" to be a much better word. In my opinion,all students, from those who need extra help, to those who need extra challenges, should be placed under a category called ELA. (exceptional learning accomodations) It's just something I made up. But, doesn't it sound much better?


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