Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shoes, UGH!!!

Shoes are the bane of my existence. Not my shoes naturally but everyone else's in my humble abode.

Every morning it is the same thing:
Minion 1 or 2- MOM!!!!I can't find my shoes.
Me-did you look where you last took them off?
1or 2- I looked everywhere.
Me- Apparently you didn't or they would be found and if you would have put them where they belong in the first place you wouldn't need to look for them.
1 or 2- MOM!!!! I still can't find my shoes!

So the great hunt begins with it being time to leave for school and of course they were found in the last place they took them off.  UGH!!!

If it is not the shoes it is usually the backpack or homework and lo and behold someone has hidden it just for spite.

What do you all go through every morning that drives you crazy?

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