Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Woes...Mommy Guilt


This is what Mondays feel like for me.  I have no idea why, I don't need to go into work, nothing really special happens on my Mondays, I just don't like them. Oh well I will live with them I guess.

Well lets just say many things have happened since I last talk to you all.  I found the school that Z-man goes too is not teaching him anything, I know that sounds harsh, but he is in the first grade for the second time and he is still at a Kinder reading level.  The powers that be tested him for the supplemental reading program but he didn't qualify, tell me how that is possible.  So the hubs and I resorted to outside help through Huntington Learning Centers at the cost of an arm and a leg but if it helps the Z-man then it is worth it.  They evaluated him and the results were astounding.  I makes me feel like I failed him somewhere along the line. 
 Mommy guilt through and through.
Did I not read enough to him, teach him.  Ugh I hate Mommy Guilt it has been running through me all weekend.  I know they always say don't compare your kids but how can you not when one kids excels and one does not. Why happen to the one, what did I do wrong.  These are all the question going through my mind this week.  
So readers what is your mommy guilt? and How do I combat mine?

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Jen said...

Sweets, this is not your fault. You are doing everything you can to help him. It's not an easy road and it may take him a long time to reach the grade level equal to his grade. But, it can be done. Just keep up the work and don't give up on him. I'm proud of you and I know Z can do it!


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