Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 4...Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions, do you have any?  If so what are they?

Do you watch The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade while making the Feast?

Do you get up on Friday morning before the buttcrack of dawn to get all the good deals?

Or do you stay home eat leftovers and decorate for Christmas...

Is there a traditional Thanksgiving meal on your table...

or do you change it up sometimes?

Well this year I am having a Traditional Thanksgiving meal with a Texas twist. The turkey will be there along with the Jalapeño cornbread dressing (there is no stuffing at my house), spicy broccoli rice casserole and other things, like Texas Bourbon Pecan Pie, Maple Pumpkin pie and a Texas Chocolate sheet cake.

Do you have your menu planned out?  Do you need ideas?  Let me know.

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