Monday, September 20, 2010

Where to Eat Friday...

Yes I know this is late, I had a busy weekend, so sue me.

Dulces-Lakeline Mall

This is a quaint restaurant with wonderful and intriguing artwork.
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The food was delicious the salsa was spicy and our server was a great sport.

The girls and I went there on a friday late and the restaurant was fairly empty but they catered to us great.
Kim's salad was really tasty, juicy chicken with a very flavorful avocado dressing
Jen and Cat had the Cheese Enchiladas that included no tortilla but wonderful flavorful Manchego Cheese
and I had the Tacos al Carbon with onions, pepper and nopolitos, the meat was tender and juicy and the salsa was extra spicy.
and a decadent dessert.

 So I highly recommend Dulces, I give it 3 forks for great food, atmosphere and service.

***Photos by Kim***

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