Saturday, September 11, 2010

It is Football day in my house today...

English and American,  I have mixed feelings on this day...I love football, I love yelling at the Television and celebrating when my Favorite team wins ( Go Horns).  I also dread this day when J-man takes the field and I pray that he doesn't get hurt, I would rather him play baseball, there is no tackling in baseball but he is insistant that football is the sport for him, I even told him Girls like guys in Baseball pants but he didn't believe me.  I even bribed him but that was a no go either.  UGH, So I guess I will grit my teeth and hide behind my eyes as my oldest get tackled on the grid iron and yell and scream when he does something good, I did persuade him to try out for punter/kicker, that is rather safe right, you can't rough the kicker.

 Z-man also started Soccer (hence the English Football reference) this morning and I had never seen him more excited ( except maybe when there is cake around).  He was up and raring to go even though it was only a practice and meeting his new coach. He likes to play soccer for the medals he gets at the end of the season, ah to be 7 and have easy goals. 

So it is with trepidation that I say Go LCP Hawks and Be Safe my Son.

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Jen said...

Stay safe boys and have fun!!


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