Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Ramblings...

Yes it is Sunday and I am sitting here musing about what I have done in the past week, which is really not much as I reflect. I made a cake for a friend, her favorite of course, German Chocolate, I got the recipe from the wonderful Rachel at A Southern Fairytale  and it was delish, it did however take up most of the mixing bowls in my kitchen and left it a disaster area. I know I know, clean as you go...  I have yet to clean it, I will after I finish my blog post.

Jen, I, Kim and Cat had a wonderful time at Ztejas last night with awesome food and drinks and then went back to Kim's house and watched The Runaways, the movie could have been better but the conversation is always good with great friends.

I finished Linger by Maggie Stiefvater, which of course made me cry, I will do no spoilers here.

Of course I did tons of laundry and still have tons to do.  I also decided to try, yes I said try, to eliminate red meat from my diet and eat more veggies.  

This week is busy, I need to register for my Floral Design class, I have a book signing to attend, plan the Z-man's birthday, can you believe he is going to be 7 and start planning and packing for our beach trip.  I also need to sign up the Z-man for soccer, figure out how to fit in the J-man's 3 Football practices a week in our schedule and get the kids ready for school which starts on August 23rd.  With all of this I still need to have time to study, read 2 book, blog and podcast.  I need a better organization system. UGH!!!

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