Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Pilgrimage to Forks: Olympic Cellars Winery

It is no question that Jen, Kim and I enjoy the occasional glass of wine so one of the first things we thought about when we started planning this trip is finding a winery to visit.  Olympic Cellars was on our way to Port Angeles and it is home to Working Girl Wine.



We went through the Wine Tasting picking between the red and and the whites, My Sweet Syrah was one of our favorites. We bought that one and the Sparkling Twilight mainly just for the bottle.


The winery was set on a picturesque plot of land with a small vineyard.

I say it is a worthy stop on the way from Seattle just to take in the beauty of the area and get out and walk around to stretch the legs.  The wine is not bad either. 

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