Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Pilgrimage to Forks: Bella Italia

Since we were on our pilgrimage to Forks because of Twilight, we had to stop and eat at Bella Italia located in Port Angeles, WA.  This is the restaurant where Edward took Bella after saving her from being attacked. 
We were very excited not just because this was something right out of our fav book but because we all three LOVE italian food! When we arrived the restaurant was fairly empty. But we were there for an early dinner.  We were told that the place was rented out for dinner, a big party, and since the party was a large one they had no tables for us.  We did however get to sit at the small bar and enjoy some dinner.  We were put off a bit by the rejection, but were happy to be able to sit and enjoy the atmosphere.  If the party hadn't clearly been a priority I bet we would have had a much better experience overall.  We were forgotten a few times and had to wait quite a bit for our drinks and food.  

Bella Italia. Port Angeles, WA

They of course offer Bella's mushroom ravioli.
Bella Italia. Port Angeles, WA

The food was scrumptious.
Bella Italia. Port Angeles, WA
Bella Italia. Port Angeles, WA

The ambiance was nice. I bet it's better after dark. During the day it wasn't as romantic as I think it could be.
Bella Italia, Port Angeles, WA

I give 2 forks out of 3 because of the service problem. 

Post and Photos by Kim


Christina said...

The food looks so great! Kinda bummed it looks like it is in a strip center, am I wrong about that?

Anonymous said...

Christina - Not a strip center, First St. downtown Port Angeles.

Nice pictures !
Please come back as our guests when we are not so crazy busy. Make a reservation, let me know you are coming and we will take better care of you.
Neil Conklin


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