Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Fan Fic Friday...

I know I missed last week and I am really sorry.  I am making up for it today though.

First up is  The Gentleman From Washington State by Betty Smith.  This story owns me right now.  Nothing beats Navy Seal SenatorWard for me, ummm that just conjures up all kinds of yummy images.  This is a little West Wingish which I loved. Senator Cullen is kind of a Manwhore until Feisty Intern Bella Swan comes into the picture turning his well planned out world upside down.  Add a Jealous Jacob Black and you got a great Political Drama with some sexy times mixed in.

Summary: Senator Edward Cullen is the handsome scion of the Cullen family. A playboy's playboy, he is taken with an intern in his office, Bella Swan. She is untouchable for many reasons, and he's in a tough re-election battle with Jacob Black. AH,M Adult Content

Beautiful Stranger by NJNYTwigals is a story about a one night stand that Bella or Edward could not forget about.  Edward and Bella are both single parents to adorable little girls who become good friends and once B and E figure out who each other are there is no denying the attraction.

Summary:  Newly divorced and single mom Bella decides it's time to let loose and have some fun at her friend's Halloween party. After an encounter with an alluring stranger, Bella's life turns upside down. AH-Cannon Couples. A one-shot turned multi-chapter.

The Weight of Words by georgeygirl is kind of like UoEM but with its own twists and turns.  Edward is Bella's TA for a Shakespeare class and she also works for Edwards Dad as his assistant. They meet and of course instant attraction ensues but the complication of starting a relationship with all kinds of obstacles in the way leads them to lay down some ground rule which they seem adamant to break.

Summary:  Bella is in the final months as an undergrad student at U of T. When she meets the PhD candidate who will be the TA of her senior Shakespeare course, her world is turned on end . What do you do when the only man you want is the one you can't have?

Well those are my recommendations for this week, happy reading.  If you like Paranormal Romances check out my other site for mine and my friend Kim's twice weekly Book Club Podcast The Mystical Lit Lounge.  This month we are reading City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare, the second book in The Mortal Instruments Series.

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