Friday, May 28, 2010

Fan Fic Friday

This Friday I am recommending 2 Fan Fiction Stories that I started reading about 2 weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with.

Major Misconduct by M7707 is a High School based Edward and Bella story which I usually don't like to read unless they are well written and this story fits that bill.  Edward is a high school jock, Mr. Popular and Bella is the studious, well-read. intelligent but fairly pretty girl in school that the boys are afraid to approach because of 1) her dad is the chief of police and 2) they are intimidated by her.  Edward and Bella have been going to the same school since freshman year but only started talking to each other their Junior year when they became Biology Lab Partners, even thought they have secretly had crushes on each other for a while.
Summary:Edward Cullen - hot high school hockey player. Bella Swan - shy high school student. They've admired each other from afar, so what happens when they finally meet? Will they be strong enough to handle a threat from his past? No good deed goes unpunished...
Labor of Love is a wonderful story by Lizconno, about finding love again after a tragedy.  Edward is the widowed father of twins and Bella come rushing into his life at Alice's wedding.  Of course there is an instant connection and a one night stand.  Bella needs a job and Edward needs a nanny for his twin girls and hires Bella and their love for each other and the kids grow, until Bella finds out about something that is going to change their lives forever.
Summary: Bella returns to Forks, WA to start her life over. Edward is a widower raising twin daughters. When Bella starts to work for Edward, the two develop a close bond that may be ruined by their secrets. LEMONS- real & imagined Rated-M for a reason AH/OOC

Enjoy this week recommendations and if you read them let the author know who sent you to them and leave them a great review.

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