Friday, May 21, 2010

Fan Fic Friday...

I have two recommendations this week, one is a fic that is under the radar and should be more appreciated and one hasn't been updated in a while and lo and behold it updated last night.

The Mystic, the Model and the Meek by hismysticmuse is a quirky yet wonderfully written story with cannon couples. Bella is in Forks working for James at a club, of course it is bad James, the gang shows up at the club and Alice comes to Bella's rescue.  Rosalie and Emmett are hilarious in this story, Edward is his normal brooding self, questioning everything, Bella comes off as weak at first but we learn she is quick witted and keeps Edward on his toes. Jasper is a mysterious stranger that Alice is instantly attracted too.

Summary: Odd feelings torment Alice as a mysterious stranger is haunting her.. Rose and Emmett banter. A meek Bella and a -Mr. Darcy- Edward is in there too... Written in 3rd person. Cannon AH

The Discovery of Bella Swan by MsKathy

I absolutely love all of MsKathy's work, her characters are well written and you get so involved with their story, The Discovery of Bella Swan is no different.  Bella's story starts out tragic with the loss of both her parents and a cheating Jacob when she needed him the most, but starts to turn around when she gets to Dartmouth. She starts over and discover what she is all about.  She meets a handsome Texan in one of her classes and left with a date for coffee, the next day she met a beautiful girl in one of her classes and started having strange feelings.  Her roommates are Alice and Rose and she meets Emmett in another one of her classes and of course he has no verbal filter. By the end of her first week she has a date with Jasper, Emmett and Tanya, whew, Keeping up with me yet.  The story is great and I am glad she is finally updating it again, I have missed it.

Summary: Bella has given up her whole life for those around her. What will she do, who will she be, where will she go with no one and nothing holding her back anymore? AH/AU, canon pairings eventually.

So if you read these fic's please review them and let the authors now they are appreciated and tell them who sent you too them.

Have a Great Weekend

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