Friday, May 14, 2010

Fan Fic Friday...

One of my recommendation this week is a funny, romantic Edward and Bella story,The Naked Guy Upstairs by AngryBadgerGirl.  There is not much angst it is full of fluff and lemony goodness.  Bella is an inexperienced girls who is attracted to the handsome "manwhore" upstairs.  Their relationship start out as an "arrangement" or Sexual teaching and progresses from there.

Summary: It's You've Got Mail meets Pillow Talk, you get the picture. It's the usual ABG yuks and lemons. Manwhoreward v. Straightlacedella. Love/Hate/Love/Banter/Sex. RATED M COS WHY ELSE DO YOU READ FIC, HONESTLY? AH, CANON PAIRINGS

I also started reading a new fic this week, I know I know I read too many but that is what happens when I don't get updates.  It is called Ethics by Dammed by KrazyK85.  Bella is an undercover Cop at a high school where she meets the gorgeous English teacher and there is an instant attraction but Edward can't act on it because he thinks she is a high school student.  Can you feel the sexual tension in the room?

Summary: Bella Swan is a 28 year old woman who is a narcotics detective for the Seattle Police Department. Bella is assigned to go undercover as a high school student to bring down a massive drug ring fronted by the elusive Drug Lord Aro Volturi. Bella soon finds herself falling for her English teacher Edward Masen...

Edward Masen is instantly attracted to this new student, but can't pursue a relationship with a young girl.
 Will these two keep things in perspective or will their ethics be damned?

So please check out these two stories and tell the authors where you got the recommendation from when you leave them a wonderful glowing review.  Have a great Weekend. 

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