Monday, May 3, 2010

A Day on the Rails...

This will probably turn into a rant, I really didn't want it too because I love the idea of having a rail system in the Austin area.  They were running it for the first time on a Saturday.

My Friend Jen and thought it would be a great idea to take the Cap Metro Commuter Rail downtown to the Pecan Street Festival so we wouldn't need to worry about parking.  It turned out that parking was going to be the least of our worries.  We were going to take the 2:23 train so we go there around 2, the train was already there but as we approached we noticed many people standing on the platform in dismay.  The Train doors opened and there was standing room only and even they were packed in there like sardines in a can.  Jen and I decided to wait for the 3:23 train, it can't be that bad again can it, we are at the end of the line, why would it be so crowded?  We got on the 3:23 train as it pulled into the station around 2:30, packed again, standing room only, so we were beginning to wonder why.  


I started to talk to passengers around me wondering if they thought it was a little weird.  Well as I got to talking to some of them they fessed up and said that they were just riding it to see what it was like.  I am looking at them with a puzzled expression on my face and speculating how long they have been on there without getting off.  It was now around 3:00 and we had about 20 minutes until the train left the station and every seat was taken and there was no more standing room either but people were still trying to squeeze in. I was eavesdropping on some conversations, I know it is rude but hey you find out all kinds of things that way, like, one woman and her kids have been riding back and forth without getting off, just so her kids can ride for fun, they were taking up a whole row.  Needless to say as 3:23 came around the announcer came on and said the other train was late and we were going to be departing 20 minutes later than what the scheduled time was.  We have been on this train, standing shoulder to shoulder, for almost an hour. Finally about 25 minutes late we were leaving the Leander Station, at every stop more people tried to get on, very little got off.   By the time we got downtown it was 5:00, three hours after our journey started, Jen and I could've drove to Dallas or Houston by now.  Don't get me wrong I have great hopes for commuter rail in this area, it is extremely needed, Cap Metro just needs to get their act together and anticipate needs better.  Lets hope when there are other events downtown they wise up.  

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Jen said...

The day still ended up being pretty fun. :)


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