Monday, April 26, 2010

Tonight a Rave...Cedar Park Farms to Market & Humble House Foods

Saturday after soccer my friend Jen and I went to the local farmers market to look around and what not and I discovered a gem of a somewhat local food company that specializes in cheeses (which you all know I love) and spreads like hummus and pesto.  Humble House Foods is based out of San Antonio.  As of now you can only pick up their products at local farmers markets such as my local Cedar Park Farms to Market,   I bought the Lemon Sunrise Dessert cheese and the Pesto, Hummus and Roasted Tomato spreads they are all delicious especially the dessert cheese, it would make a wonderful lemon cheesecake and the hummus.  

If you are local I encourage you to visit the Cedar Park Farms to Market and support your local farmers and gourmet food suppliers.  


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