Saturday, April 24, 2010

I am Pulling My Hair Out!!!!!

Beware Rant Ahead!!!!

The day started off nice, Z-man had a soccer game, he played well.  It was a beautiful day so Jen and I went to the New Farmers Market here in our fair town, went to lunch and of course we had to stop in at Target.  Got home the kids and Jeremy are eating Quizno's while there is perfectly good sandwich fixings in the fridge. Jeremy has been griping all week about money and yet he goes out to lunch everyday while I scrounge around for my lunch and breakfast, I don't really mind it because what ever I fix is healthier than what he comes home with, I just think it is ridiculous to spend money on crappy fast food when there is better things at home to eat.  UGH!!!

Ok on to my other rant, I have been trying to clean the Kitchen floor for days now and every time I sweep the kids come in from the backyard covered in mud and track it in all over my freshly swept floor.  I pick up their crap they get it back out five minutes later, I ask them to pick it up, they bitch and moan, I punish them they could care less.  This has got to stop it is driving me to take a very long vacation in a padded room securely ensconced in a straight jacket or it is driving me to drink more than I should.  

These two things above would be welcome right now, in many lovely shot glasses lined up ready for me to partake in the numbing .  I really hate to think about my kids this way but sometimes I just want to... (insert your own word here)!!!  So do you my lovely readers have any suggestion on discipline tactics, how to get them to do what I ask, anything would be helpful, my hair and liver would appreciate it.

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