Friday, March 12, 2010

I think my Husband is trying to keep me fat...

Every morning this week the hubs has brought me breakfast out of the kindness of his heart but it has been fattening stuff like Whataburger's Sausage biscuits with cheese and hash browns, doughnuts and today was the killer he brought me a JJ's BBQ migas breakfast taco.  They are my favorite and I am having trouble resisting it.  I resisted all the others this week, but the smell of the migas taco is making my mouth water.  I should just fix myself my obligatory bowl of cherrios and forget about the taco but I can't, I can smell it.  The smell has permeated my senses and therefore will not let me forget even the smell of coffee does not mask its scent.  So on to the justification on eating it.  I am going walking this morning with Jen and Kim, so I will work most of it off.  I am going to be running around a lot today so there goes more calories and it is bow chicka wow wow night so there goes more calories right, plus if you saw the look on hubs face this morning you wouldn't be able to refuse it either, it was a look of pure bliss of accomplishment.  He was getting me something I love and I would hate to disappoint him with not eating it, right.   Please tell me I am right in my justification of eating its cheesy, eggy goodness, with a cup of coffee with chocolate chip creme brulee creamer.  Thanks I really do love you all.

Ya'll have a good weekend, I know I will, I am seeing Remember Me tomorrow and hanging with the GF's.  I will see you all on Monday unless I get an itch to right a review of Remember Me and tell you how good it was with possible spoilers.  Oh Kim and I met some wonderful people last night at a SXSW interactive reception hosted by Chevrolet.  It was fun to meet Kristin, co-host of the Manic Mommies podcast, along with some other great Austin moms who I hope to keep in touch with.  It was a fun night.

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Kimmie :) said...

The walk and the shopping yes not sure about the bow chicka... depends on how long!
So glad you came with me last night.


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