Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fan Fiction Recomendation Wednesday...

I have 3 recommendations for today and to me they are very under appreciated, please check them out. They are all found on Twilighted so you will need to set up an account to read them.

Extraction  by Ready4Jasper is a tale of lost love and lost souls.  Edward and Bella are ex-military who now work together in a secret militia type organization.  They met in the past as soldiers for the army and had a brief relationship.

Twilighted Summary:When Bella's unit is ambushed in the jungle and she is taken captive, an elite team is sent in to save her.  As events unfold, Bella finds herself caught in the web of this mysterious team made up of elite, and unique, people.  Things become even more interesting when she discovers that the leader of this group is a man she thought had dissapeared forever. 

Could it be Destiny by Jenny Cullen starts with Bella opening up a bookstore next to Edwards music store, they meet  because of Bella's clumsiness and there was an instant attraction.

Twilighted Summary:Bella Swan opens a bookstore in Port Angeles, which happens to be located right next to the music store owned by a young man named Edward Cullen. Watch as they meet and form a relationship.

Burning Up by Panda1499 is a story of Bella trying to find the love of her life but doesn't want to date heroes and then Edward pops into her life and changes her mind as long as she doesn't know his firefighting schedule.  Both are trying to get over bad relationships.

Twilighted Summary: Bella has always steered clear of men in certain life threatening professions. When she promises Alice she'll give them a chance, she fears her worst nightmares will come true.  Then she meets the man she thinks she is destined to be with forever, and doesn't worry about her fear again.  But when things in paradise change, can she maintain true to her promise to Alice, or will she run again?

Just a reminder these stories are all rated mature so if you are reading my blog and you are under age please do not by any means read these stories.  I don't think I have any underage readers but this is a warning if you are.

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