Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fan Fiction Recomendation Wednesday...

I am recommending two stories this week. Sorry it has been a slow and crappy week for me, I am way behind in everything and that includes my Fan Fic reading.

What Hurts the Most by Beegurl13 is a coming of age story for Edward. He meets the love of his life at 17 and she leaves him with really no explanation. He sees her 4 years later and gets the surprise of his life and the real reason she left.
Fan Fiction Summary: Who meets the love of their life when they're 17 years old? I did, that’s who. Edward Cullen's life is all planned out, what happens when he meets the girl of his dreams? Can things turn out as perfect as he planned? Non-fantasy continuation to the o/s.

True Love Way by Buhbeesgirl is a story about Bella moving on with her life after getting out of a horrible relationship, moving to Chicago and meeting new people.  She meets Edward a brooding up and coming musician who she finds out that she has much in common with.  This is a cute story with quirky fun dialogue and it is an easy read.

Fan Fiction Summary:Escaping a volatile relationship, Bella moves to Chicago to start over. There she meets Edward, lead singer of a local band. Will he make her past seem like a distant memory or will it come back to haunt her in ways she could never imagine? AH

One question before I leave you today.  Have you ever google imaged Fan Fiction? If you haven't please do, it is rather entertaining.


Kimmie :) said...

Um yeah that is rather interesting!

coldplaywhore said...

First of all, the google thing was just odd. Secondly, I love beegurl13 and I'm not just saying that cause I beta the story listed above and she's one of my besties, but she has quite a vivid imagination, so good pick.

P.S. I may happen to own every single book listed on your bookshelf read. LOL

Brandi said...

You rec'd my story? Really? Ohhhh, I'm so happy. :D I'm so thrilled that you like it. I LOVE the angst, so I apologize in advance for where this thing is going, but rec'd me. :D Thank you, that was so nice. <3

And I love coldplaywhore too, she's the best!!! Oh, and I didn't even have to pay her to say that about me. :D Though maybe I should...she listens to WAY too many of my crazy fan fic ideas. :D


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