Saturday, February 13, 2010

How did or do you Spend your Tax Refund

Well we got our Tax refund yesterday and already more than half of it is gone. We paid bills of course but we also bought the Z-man new bedroom furniture which Hubs is still putting together and it is almost 9 PM. We went to IKEA today and I think everyone there was spending their Tax Refund it was a mad house. So we bought the Z-Man a bed and a chest of drawers from the Hemnes Collection.

I thought it suited him plus the bed pulls out into a queen and has storage underneath.  He was falling out of the Twin, we would hear a loud thud in the middle of the night, it wouldn't even phase him, he would just get back up in the bed and go back to sleep.  I also got shelves to put in my Kitchen to get rid of that Gawd awful Bakers Rack.  More Garage Sale stuff woo hoo FFFOOORRRKKKSSS!!!

So as you see I am sitting downstairs listening to music, drinking beer, blogging and tweeting about alcohol no less, #drunktweeting is fun especially if you have drunk tweeters to tweet back too.

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