Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fan Fiction Recomendation Wednesday...

Today I am recommending an Author that I love, I have read all of her stories and they are delightful. She write mainly Jasper/Bella fics which I love for some strange reason, probably my love the complex character that is Jasper and plus he is a Texan which you all know is where I am from. Let's get back on track here. Cullen818 is a great author and I wouldn't be surprise if one day we will see her in print. I am currently reading A Reason To Exist and Innocence Lost, both are wonderful stories, Innocence Lost is a dark tale, so if you like a Darkward that one is for you.  I have also read here Fate, Hope and Love Trilogy, I couldn't stop reading that and couldn't wait for updates.

She also has a Blog so you can catch sneak peaks and all things related to her stories on there and works on a blog with several other Jasper fans  Check her out, you will love her stories as much as I do.

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