Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fan Fiction Recomendation Wednesday...

I have Three Fics to Recommend today.  All three are Edward and Bella stories, I know I usually give you a Jasper/Bella recommendation, but I really didn't have one this week.

The first story is Sway by Hibbleton

Summary:  Bella finally has life under control after moving home. How will she handle having it turned upside down when a new PD starts at the same radio station? Can Edward convince her that she doesn't have to be alone to take care of her responsibilities?

This story has a slow start for Edward and Bella, as usual Bella has a hard time trusting her feelings.  It is really just now starting to get into the nitty gritty of their relationship.  

The Second Story is Behind the Clouds by EchoesofTwilight

Summary:  When it's time for the Cullen vampire clan to leave their home in Chicago, an old vision of Alice's dictates their next move. Six years earlier, Edward Masen had been a patient of Carlisle's: young, innocent, broken, and blissfully unaware of his destiny.

This story starts out with Edward being a young boy who lost his parents in a car crash and went to live with his aunt in Forks where he meets Bella as a human.  The Cullens, mainly Alice sees that Edward will be in their future so she makes plans to move to Forks to keep an eye on him.  Major plot twists, I like that it is different from other stories I have read.  It is well thought out and a joy to read and discover these characters.

The third and final recommendation today is Illegal Contact by GreenEyedGirl

Summary:  Edward Masen is a 29 year old former NFL football player, now coaching high school football in Forks. He leads a quiet life until he meets a woman that will change his life forever. What's been missing from his life may be right in front of him. AH

I can say that this is one of my favorite stories that I am reading at the moment and I am sad that it is coming to an end.  I love the character development and they're complexity.  I also like that Edward and Bella's relationship started out slowly.  GreenEyedGirl is one of my favorite Fan Fiction Authors so please check out her other story Falling For You.

That is it for this week's recommendations.  Happy reading.


beckie said...

Behind the Clouds is one of the best fan fics I think I've ever read. Em is brilliance in a can. Illegal Contact is on my list of things to read!

Latchkey Wife said...

I LOVE Illegal Contact!! Such a great story.


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