Saturday, January 23, 2010


  For most people Winter means snow, ice and cold but here in Texas Winter mostly means Cedar Fever time. Yes we here in Central Texas are smack dab in the middle of Cedar Fever Season and today with it being so warm and the wind blowing like mad has it all blowing around.  My eyes are itching, my nose is running and my skin is itching, but why should I complain it was 75 degrees outside today and it is the middle of January, I know I live in the allergy capital of the world, we have Cedar in the winter, oak in the spring, grass in the summer and Ragweed in the fall.  The Cedar and the Oak is what kills me the grass and the weeds are just lightweights, I can get through them with no problems.  You wonder why they say if you want to be a doctor in Texas be an allergist, you will never run out of patients.  So the pollen count for today is expected to be high again so I am staying inside and cleaning this weekend.

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Julia said...

You and I have the same allergies. Does mold bother you too? That's year round. Eesh, just looking at the tree with exploding pollen makes me sneeze.


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