Monday, December 7, 2009

A weekend in Review...

Good Morning lovely readers, I hope you all had a great weekend and started your week off splendidly.  I know you are wondering who this is and where is the bitchy snarky one who usually writes this blog, ok I will cut the crap.  Really I had a great weekend.  I spent Saturday traipsing around the San Marcos outlets trying to find Christmas presents for my family, it was an utter fail on my part because I bought a lot of stuff for me, I got some gifts too but not as many as I wanted too. It was fun having a day with the girls though, thanks Cat and Jen for going with me. 

Saturday night I watched a nail bitter of a football game between my Texas Longhorns and The Nebraska Cornhuskers.  Let me tell you it was a nauseous roller coaster ride of a game but the Horns pulled it out of their asses at the last second.  So congrats Horns now go kick some Tide ass.
Sunday I recouped from my long day Saturday and read enough Fan Fiction to put someone in a coma, don't ask me what that means it just came to my head.  For some reason my email updates are still going into my junk mail folder even though they have their own.  

Well guess I need to put my Domesticated housewife hat on and do laundry and clean the house, I do have a party to plan for Sunday.  As always I love my readers comments so comment and follow my blog.

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Jen said...

:) Shopping was fun, even if we weren't all that productive.


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