Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fan Fiction Recommendation day with some Eclipse stuff thrown in...

My first recommendation today is a Edward/Bella Fic.  It has Dr. Daddyward which is one of my favorite Edward's in it and Bella as a shy Lawyer helping him adopt.  It is sometimes sad as Esme has cancer, but it is worth the read.  It is the first Fic I have read from this author and it is well written. 
Almost Doesn't Count by Mrs. Robward
Bella is a family attorney & Edward seeks her help. Friendship abounds, maybe more? AH AU OOC Rated M b/c they are adults & will do adult things! AdoptaWard & LawyerElla, Canon Couples

Next is a Jasper/Bella Fic.  Jasper and all the Cullens have been turned back human except for Alice and Edward who are vengeful and sadistic in this story and go after Bella and her family.
But a Whisper on His Lips by MMM.Baby
It has been six long years since the Cullen family walked out of Bella's life. After having more heartbreak then one person should in a lifetime, Bella moves on. When she runs into a blond from her past.. how will things turn out? Rated M for a reason!

Is it too early to talk about Eclipse?  I don't think so.  There was an Eclipse Still of Edward and Bella released today and I have to say it was awesome.

June cannot come fast enough.  The Breaking Dawn information coming out has been interesting as well.  Do you think it needs to be made into two movies, if so why and also do you think they could do it justice with all the CGI they would have to do?  Who would you want to see as the director?

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gossip_bangkok said...

Almost Doesn't Count sounds cool.
will check it out!


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