Saturday, December 19, 2009

Its Saturday...

Good Morning lovely Rant, Raves and Recipes Followers. I hope you are all going to have a great weekend and hopefully a wonderful Christmas.

This pic is an inaccurate account of our road trips, there should be whining boys and parents yelling "Don't make me stop this car and come back there!!!" 

I may not be posting much in the next two weeks because of the Holidays and my (cough) wonderful (cough) trip to the Cajun Heartland to visit the (cough) loveable (cough) in-laws and going to a coon ass family reunion. Hubbs is all excited about it and I am dreading every single second. The eight hours long drive with two whining kids, ( I will need to up my meds for this trip ).  Staying in a crowded house with slacker brother in law his live in girlfriend and their daughter is not the way I want to spend a holiday.  Next year we are all going away, oooh a ski holiday sounds great, one with a great spa and great booze.  I'm going to need to go buy a flask I think to keep me sane. There is one thing good about South Louisiana, drive though Daiquiri Stands and hard liquor at the supermarket.   Please readers pray for me that I get through the next two weeks and if I don't return it has been fun while it lasted.

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