Monday, November 16, 2009

New Moon State of Mind

I am listening to the soundtrack and later tonight I am joining in a podcast at Kim's that is New Moon Centric.  I have our plans in the works for our festivities on Thursday.  Jen finally found her shirt in fact she found two at Hot Topic no less so I think everyone is ready to go.  My Embargo is still intact, I am proud to say, I have stayed away from all new clips and sneak previews I even change the channel when the trailer comes on just so I don't see any new footage.  I know I am silly, but I want to be surprised when I see it and not know what is coming next.  Of course I have seen the interviews and all of the yummy pictures of Rob especially the scruffy ones from Italy.  I even listened to some of the live stream of the fandoms webcast yesterday and I thought Charles Bewley, who plays Dimitri was a cutie.

Plus he is British and you know what that accent does to me.  He had a great sense of humor and took all the question in stride even the marriage proposals. 

It turned chilly here over night which I am kind of glad, I am ready for cooler weather, not downright cold but cooler, 40's and 50's are good for the winter. I mean most of our leaves are still on our trees and we are a week and a half away from Thanksgiving.  Speaking of Thanksgiving I will post another recipe today since that has been a total fail lately but with the sick kids and the house being a wreck things are falling by the wayside.

I can't resist I need a Rob picture in here to satisfy my obsession.

I like the Scruffy Rob pics.

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