Saturday, November 7, 2009

Finally Finished, Almost, Adventures of Mini E and a Rave...

Well today's lesson is one of patience and frustration. My boys will hopefully teach me to have patience through frustration and right now it is not working. I finally got the playroom/my work area/workout area cleaned and organized, well mostly. My work area is where I want it, I just need to finish putting my calendar and to-do list things on the wall.

Today I also went out with Kim and Jen to lunch and to Barnes and Noble to look around and to give Mini E and adventure, he was getting lonely without his family so I took him to visit. He really missed Alice.

I have discovered (well not me personally)a wonderful soulful singer. I have absolutely fell in love with his music. James Morrison

You Make it real is one of my favorites.

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Book Crazy Jenn said...

that's a really great song - I need to download that to my iPod! :)


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