Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Night Musings...

Alright, the dishes are done, the kids are in bed and I am doing a blog on Sunday night. I have a need to say that today was fairly good day, I was in a pretty good mood, made Crock Pot Chili and a Pecan Pie for dinner. This weekend wasn't a total loss either, I cleaned the downstairs pretty good to where I would not be so embarrassed if company comes knocking on the door. I also had a good time Friday night with the girls and the advice they gave me was stellar, thanks girls (you know if they read the blog they would know they get lots of praise on here). We went to Vino 100 where the Baroness got tipsy, she is funnier than I am drunk. Then we went to Kirby Lane Cafe which is an institution here in Austin, they have the best pancakes. While we were at these two places Kim's Edward had some fun too, he may have gotten a little tipsy with The Baroness.

So right now I can say I am in my happy place, I have Van Morrison playing on the ipod, drinking a cup of chamomile tea and blogging. I am dreading the start of the week though, I need to make tough decisions and do lots of research on that decision once it is made, so wish me luck that I make the right one.

Talk to you all tomorrow.



Maven said...

Hello and nice to meet a fellow foodie Twilight fanatic :-)

I follwed you here from a link because I loved your blog title. Look forward to reading more.

Shannon said...

Thanks Maven for following, I need all I can get. It is also great to meet a fellow Twifan. 22 day until NM.


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