Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sick and Tired of Sick and Tired

I know, I don't have any Hot British Men you can look at yet because yet again I am sick. One of the men in my family have brought home what I assume to be a cold virus because I woke up today feeling like I got run over by a Mac Truck. My head feels like it is 300 pounds and I am f"kin dizzy and there is a whooshing sound in my ears, probably why I am so dizzy. Why am I getting all the illnesses, I really want to know, I take my vitamins, I load up on the vitamin C, so tell me, why me. I don't like the feeling cold medicine gives me, I don't like feeling I am disconnected and far away, the dreams and hallucinations are great though, I have great dreams of my fantasy man in some compromising situations so that's not bad at all. So if any of you in the blogosphere have any cold remedies or preventions out there let me know because apparently I need them.

One bright spot in my day is the premiere of the "Meet me in the Equinox" video for the New Moon Soundtrack. It gives more glimpses of the movie and it is not Jacob centric which I like because I am Team Edward all the way.

Fan Fiction recommendation for the day: The Resolution By Coldplaywhore

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