Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So yesterday was my birthday...

and I was kinda depressed all day, I felt like crap and barely even got out of bed. Why should I feel depressed, I have a good life, I have a great husband, 2 great boys, hope for a promising career (when I finish school), great friends so why should I be depressed about turning 37. Is it because I have no direction, no motivation, no desire, it is the way I feel sometimes. Maybe this is all just related to the depressing weather, rainy cloudy days always depress me and it has been very "Forksy" out lately. Hopefully I will snap out of it...soon.


kimberly said...

This makes me sad. I should have just called you. I hope you know we are here!

Jamielouwho said...

Hang in there Shannon. These are the moments we must get through in order to appreciate all the others. I'm sorry you're feeling down, it sounds to me like you have plenty of direction, and that your interpretation is the only thing you need to overcome. Hugs!


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