Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An eight year old know it all

I really think Josh is possessed and needs an exorcism. He turned 8 in January and decided he is grown and can do what he wants now. He won't clean his room, he won't do his chores, he backtalks me, which really makes me angry that I need to turn around and count to 10 to cool down or walk away entirely. He also thinks he is a know it all, he knows every thing about anything and you know nothing apparently. I know it sounds like I am describing myself to me right now but not at 8 maybe when I was 16. I will be the first to admit that I am stubborn to the core, but Josh is stubborn through and through and it is costing him and he is not happy about it. Yesterday he got his Karate class privileges taken away until he shows respect to me and his father and learns to follow directions, now anyone want to take bets on how long that is going to take. He thinks I will forget about this but he is dead wrong, I am sticking to my guns on this one, plus it saves me $110 bucks a month, the money is more of a motivation to me to stick to my guns because I can always find a way to spend money, shoes perhaps. If anyone out in the blogosphere has any good advice for me it will be greatly appreciated.

And speaking of shoes aren't these cute. The first one is a Stuart Wietzman shoe for $385 and the second is a Gabrielle Rocha for $69.

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