Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Organizing for the New Year

I have 2 1/2 weeks until school starts back up for me so it is time for some organizing, I hate clutter, so therefore I must purge. I said it now I just have to act on it. Why is that the hardest part. I would love to just sit hear and listen to my new obsession (the Twilight series on Audiobooks, I know I am 36 but really everyone needs a little fantasy and Edward is a good fantasy to have) but I can't do that day in and day out even though I have tried lately, I say blushing. Ok I am off subject.


I think I will start with my Kitchen, the pantry has fallen into the land of disarray. I have little OCD moments with my pantry, I can't stand it when everything is not in their place, I cannot find anything.

Another thing I need to work on for the new year is meal planning, I did it for awhile but busy lives get in the way and good healthy meals fall by the wayside for convience. So now on Sundays I will be putting my Weekly meal plan as a blog, maybe it will help me stick to it.

Speaking about school earlier, I now go on Mondays and Wednesdays so I think it will be better in organizing my time also. I have 2 actual classroom classes and an online class, lets pray for good grades, I need to bring my GPA up.

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TX Poppet said...

Meal planning is really hard for me. I would love to read about your plans and tips. Maybe you can help me with my resolution to get out of the kitchen and still eat healthy for next year.


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