Thursday, December 18, 2008

New years resolutions...

I know Christmas is not even here yet and I am already talking about resolutions, that is because I have started mine early, they are usually the same every year but this year I hope to make them stick.

1. Exercise more (already started that one, I walked 3 miles on Sunday and walked on the treadmill twice this week)

2. Eat healthier and less ( I am working on that one too, it is hard to find a balance, some days I eat too little and other days I feel like I eat too much)

3. Start back to church ( I need some guidance in my life, so maybe this will help)

4. Find balance between family, school and home (this one is hard for me but I am trying)

5. Get to know my friends better and make them more an integral part of my life ( fancy wording for spend more time with my wonderful girlfriends, really already working on that one too)

Well that is all of them, I try to keep them reasonable. Lets hope I keep all of them this year.

Tell me your resolutions, I would love to hear about them and maybe we can work on them together.

1 comment:

kimberly said...

I can join in with you on a few of your resolutions! These are very important ones, to help us live longer happier lives!
Thanks for posting this!


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