Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So since I haven't blogged in a while I thought this was a good of time as any because I should be working on my English Paper about the Tone and Language of a Short Story called "Hills Like White Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway and I should also be studying for my Psych test that is on Thursday. I am all about the procrastination lately which for me is not good because sometimes I don't work well under pressure. Oh well since I am blogging let us not take up all of my procrastination time with school stuff.

Ok I think Josh has been inhabited by an alien being, he has been so moody lately and I can't get anything out of him that there is anything wrong. I hope it is just that he is tired and this is just a phase because I am about ready to send him to Military School. He is talking back, throwing fits and anything just sets him off. He doesn't get to watch his favorite show he starts throwing a fit, he doesn't get what he wants to eat he starts crying. Please let this phase pass and let Josh return to the normal, loving boy I had.

Zach is doing great in Kindergarten, after a minor ordeal with a kid in class which he remedied almost all by himself, he is having a great time and learning lots. He comes home everyday and shows me his work and tells me what he learned that day. I was worried he would have problems because he is a young kindergartner since he only turned 5 in august, so I am relieved he is doing so well.

Oh alright I guess I should stop procrastinating and do my school work, now back to Hemingway.

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J. Nalley said...

Glad Zach is doing so well! My JC is an August birthday too and I think about the Kinder step for us all the time!!afo


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