Sunday, August 17, 2008


Ok can anybody really tell me where the summer has gone. I can not believe that school will start in 1 week, really next Monday morning both of my boys will be in School full time. Z had Kinder Camp on Saturday and that is really when it hit me that my little boy will be in school Monday - Friday. Besides my classes on Tuesday and Thursday what else am I going to do, I mean there is only so much cleaning I can do and school work really can't take up the rest of the time, can it, boy I hope not, if it does I am in real trouble. I guess I am in need of some more women friends, ones who lunch, doesn't that sound like a "Real Housewife of OC". Are there really ladies out there who still "lunch"? I can remember being a little girl and playing house with some friends and always saying "we'll do lunch", hey any of you ladies out there want to do "lunch" with me because apparently I need ladies to lunch with. This is too funny, I googled Ladies who Lunch and this is Wikipedia's definition "Ladies who lunch is a phrase to describe slim, well-off, old-money, well-dressed women who meet for lunch socially, normally during the working week. Typically, the women involved are married and non-working. Normally the lunch is in a restaurant, perhaps in a department store during shopping. Sometimes there is the pretext of raising money for charity. In India they are popularly called Kitty Parties where a group of women meet for lunch and pool in large amounts of money to raffle off to one lucky lady every time. Ok so those of you who know me know that I am not thin, old money and really do not dress well, I am more of a burger and beer type of gal, but I can't really do that in the middle of the day because I wouldn't make it through the rest of the it. Ok so I am not a Lady who lunches, I do have a running list in my head, however, of things that I would like to get done when the kids are not around. Things like repainting Z's bedroom also the kids bathroom, organizing closets and learning how to sew. I really hope to put a good effort into school this semester and it will possibly take up most of my time and if I really realize that I have more time on my hands than I know what to do with then it just means I need to take one more class, right. At least that will make me finish sooner. So for now no lunches for me, ok maybe one a month, I think I can handle that, right?

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