Thursday, June 19, 2008

After vacation funk...

You know the old saying "I need a vacation after my vacation" well that is me. The family trip to Disney World was no vacation, at least what I call a vacation. DW is major sensory overload, too many things that go "blinky, blinky, blinky", too many colors and the waiting in line was practically mind numbing, even with the so called fast passes you still had to wait in a long line. My idea of a vacation is laying on a nice beach with a book until about noon, lunch, nap until about 3, shower and then thinking about what interesting thing were could do for dinner entertainment. That is the vacation I needed this week after the the stressful one. I was so tired this week, I didn't even function well until after Wednesday. I think I even took a three hour nap on Tuesday and still went to bed by 10:30 that night. I am finally feeling more like myself now, thank goodness. I will post pictures after I find my camera, I have some good pictures of the boys with some Disney characters.

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