Thursday, March 20, 2008

First blog

I have blogged before, just not very often, so I guess I will start with a little introduction. My name is Shannon and I live in a great town that is full of parks and great people. I have 2 boys and 1 husband, I guess that part didn't need clarification but oh well. I love to shop, it is really therapy for me, I also love to read and I am trying to instill that in my boys, not the shopping part just the reading. We live pretty well here in this great town, it has good schools and the area around it is well suited for an active lifestyle, which I am not. I am trying to change that so most of my posting will probably be about my journey to make my health better. I am overweight and have diabetes, which is under control, the diabetes not the weight, with medication. I have been diagnosed with this disease since my 20's and probably had it all my life. I was healthier as a child and into my teen years, I wasn't heavy in my teen years, I had curves, I would say I was just right, then something started to happen when I turned 16, my metabolism started slowing down and it was downhill from there. I have gained upward to 1oo pounds in 20 years and now I am serious about trying to get it off. Since I am insulin dependant it is harder for me to loose because the insulin stores fat. I also seems now that my body has decided that it wants to start going into menopause. My gyno said that since I matured at an early age (10) that the stages of menopause will start early and 35 seems to be the cut off age, apparently everything starts going downhill from there. As we take this journey together I will keep you posted on what is going on with me. Stay tuned...

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tAnYeTTa said...

Hi Shannon!

Welcome to the blog world.

Good luck on your journey. I'm rooting for you ;)


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